Coaching and consulting: why is it so important?

We all love the excitement of moving to a new country and standing on the threshold of a better life. At this life stage we often do not take the time we need to do something – to take care of ourselves, to learn, to socialize – while preferring to dedicate our time to easier priorities.

For many expatriates, the adaptation process and stress of different aspects of a new job, school, college or university (including the working or learning process itself, interaction with colleagues or teachers, new friends and the neighbourhood, career changes, financial planning, new relationships and just everyday routine) can start to add up and cause real stress.

This can lead to any sort of painful states such as anxiety, depression, irrational anger, inability to concentrate. It also often results in poor productivity in adults and lower grades and overall academic underachievement in children.

My mission is to help my clients to become aware of all multifactorial influences on their life and learn to mindfully master their emotional health, personal and social life, and fully use their life potential.


In addition to working with their mental health issues, many of my clients use coaching effectively to:


  • get to know themselves better and learn to accept themselves as they are
  • set and achieve personal goals
  • develop emotional intelligence and learn to enjoy communicating with others
  • set and achieve learning goals (students) and plan career development (adults)
  • develop necessary soft skills that add to professional knowledge, turning them into valuable specialists who are competitive on the job market
  • learn to be productive and find balance between working/ studying and other life aspects 

You don't have to go all the way alone.

You can get support in English, in German, in Russian.