My Mission                                                     My qualification

I am committed to providing a positive, unique environment for all of my clients whereas empowering them to see and use their whole potential.


The overall goal is to provide the clients with a deeper level of understanding themselves and to accompany them in their positive changes in a number of life aspects.


My clients can gain more self-confidence, connect with their values and tailor their everyday choices to meet their long-term goals.

I commit to life-long learning and offer my professional competences as a...


Psychologist (M.A.)

Foreign language teacher, philologist (M.A.)

Executive, business and personal coach (M.A.)

Mediator (M.A.)

Healing practitioner for psychotherapy

Hypnotherapist and workshop facilitator for autogenic training

Meditation teacher

Person-centered therapist

Psychological consultant for person-centered psychotherapy

Ericksonian coach

Psychological/system coach